Grant Kindrick

Design Director

Grant Kindrick is a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. He’s spent the past thirteen years as an in-house and freelance design director and interface designer, working with start-ups, agencies, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations. His work as a designer has earned a bunch of industry awards, most notably three Webby Awards and a SXSW Interactive Award. Grant has young kids and old dogs; two of each.

What is your secret skill?

Keeping secrets.

Two of your favorite songs/pieces of music ever:

Ask me in five minutes and you’ll get a different answer, but right now it’s…

“Osamu’s Theme: Kyoko’s House” by Philip Glass. A perfect take on the pop song format by one of my favorite composers.

“Too Many Birds” by Bill Callahan. A lovely bit of poetry that gives me chills.

Two of your favorite TV shows:

Louie and Adventure Time

Favorite type of food:

Stinky cheeses.

If you were a box of cereal, which would you be and why?

Granola. I love that it’s deceptively simple and infinitely adaptable.