Tim Herscovitch

Interactive Content Lead

Tim Herscovitch is a content curator, writer, educator, and musician with a lifelong passion for the arts. After completing his Master’s degree in Music Education from the University of Southern California, Tim joined KUSC Interactive with the goal of engaging a new generation of music lovers and reaching previously untapped audiences with the enriching power of classical music. With an eye toward digital media, and drawing from his substantial experience as a member of the KUSC Interactive development team, Tim continues to break down barriers and reframe the art of music in new ways to capture the imagination of 21st century listeners.

What is your secret skill?

I learned how to play every major orchestral instrument in grad school, but these days I mostly focus on piano, guitar, and trumpet.

Two of your favorite songs/pieces of music ever:

• “D minor prelude” (from WTC Book I) by J.S. Bach

• “On Impulse” by Animals as Leaders…

Two of your favorite TV shows:

Breaking Bad and Mad Men.  In other words, I like uplifting shows.

Favorite type of food:

Thai or Indian cuisine

If you were a box of cereal, which would you be and why?

Captain Crunch. I view myself as a natural leader.