The Bay Area’s listener-supported classical radio station

The Bay Area’s Best

The incredible music you’ve come to expect from KDFC – anytime you want it, always commercial-free.

Your Stream, Your Way

Choose your stream quality depending on your connection and signal strength, so that the music never stops.

Wake Up, San Francisco

An alarm clock feature lets you wake up with Wagner or snooze with Schubert.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere classical radio station, now at your fingertips. A sleek design featuring gorgeous photos of the city, and easily readable large typeface make the KDFC app one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy the broadcast… wherever you are.

Look Ahead

The KDFC app provides quick and easy access to the station’s program schedule, allowing you to plan your listening based on your preferences, all at a glance. Forgot what time Mozart in the Morning airs? Want to see which announcer will be with you for the commute home? It’s all a swipe away.

Bay Beauties

One of the most visually striking radio apps you’ll ever see, the KDFC app benefits from some incredible photography highlighting the unique and beautiful personality of San Francisco. Colorful, high-resolution images augment the listening experience, and the slideshow even matches the photos shown with the current time of day.

Be Alarmed

A built-in alarm clock feature is just what the doctor ordered if you’re tired of the noises that usually blare from your phone to wake you up. To start your day with the glorious sounds of KDFC’s classical music, simply set the time you want right within the app, and awaken to Amadeus instead of rising with your ringtone!

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